Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In these hard economic times...even fashion must take a back seat...sort of


So it's been awhile, I know. But Muted is up and running again, and we should have a new issue by this week.

First of all...I'd like to dedicate my upcoming issue to my mother who passed away on February 2nd. Thank you to everyone who came out to the funeral or the viewing or the dinner, thanks to my two musketeers (Claire and Chelsea)for sleeping over the day she passed away and brought doughnuts, thanks to my two crazy friends Adriana and Melissa for the cupcakes and to my broadcast class for donating their money to the cancer society. It was super nice of all of you and my family thanks you again for the support.

Secondly...I'd like everyone to say a big HOWDY to our new features editor Jessica Lewis. She's in London right now but she shall be back, but she's already doing an amazing job. If you need to contact her to write for us or pitch something her email is jlewis@mutedmag.com

So my life is one hectic moment after another...seriously, do I ever give myself a break?

On the upside I’m getting ready for spring…the only thing missing is an awesome umbrella. I left my pretty H&M one on the train.

So here are some photos of my total awesome spring stuff! If the economy is getting to you, my list of spring stuff will probably help since I usually never like to buy overly expensive items. *I'm going to be upfront and state that I do work for Joe Fresh, so yes I do buy Joe Fresh products and clothes because I actually like the stuff. So you might think I'm pimping out the product because I work there but I'm not...I genuinely love Joe Fresh stuff, it's cheap and up-to-date on trends)*

Yellow nails? This colour is HOT…and I love it. Everyone has pretty much complemented it except for a homeless man who told me my nails should be red not yellow on an escalator at the Eaton’s Centre…I kid you not.

It’s Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail colour in lightening. I paid $5.99 for it.

Makeup: Oh wear to start? Let’s start with the Joe Fresh makeup. I’m in LOVE with the Joe Fresh liquid eye liner ($6). It’s the applicator itself that’s amazing…it’s thin enough so I can make a line that is actually pretty straight and precise. The eye shadow colour is called Forest and it’s a bit pigmented, paired up with my Benefit F.Y.eye, it lasts all day!

Maybelline Mascaras: The Colossal is probably the better of the two. It’s perfect for my tiny, barely there lashes. It makes them look thicker and longer. The Stiletto on the other hand is great because it makes my eyelashes longer than what the Colossal can do. However, it doesn’t bring on the volume…so my lashes look longer but still barely there.

Physician’s Formula: I picked them up for $9.99 each, which is pretty cheap considering they are usually $15-$20. The eye shadow set is good value because you get three makeup looks in one package. It gives you a natural, playful, and dramatic look by using the three palettes set up for you. Next is the mineral powder. I love the packaging on this because the brush snaps into the overall package. I love tipping it upside down and shaking it to get some powder out. The only thing is the product is likely to get everywhere since it’s a loose powder.

Clothes: I’m obsessed with the men’s wear look for women this season. I had to purchase two dresses that look like men’s shirts. They look cute with a pair of tights or can be worn alone. I usually throw on a cheap tank top underneath it and leave the few top buttons open so my boobs don’t look too gigantic in the dress. The purple one is probably my favourite, although be careful to wear it on camera, it shows up blue on HD cameras for some reason…I got it at H&M for $35. The other dress is from Joe Fresh ($19), it looks grey although I believe it has blue lines. Apparently Joe Mimran made a men’s shirt to match it, I shall get a picture of that later.

Shoes: Why pay more, when you can pay less…ok I purchased my shoes at Payless. I seriously try not to spend over $50 on a pair of shoes which is why these worked out well for me. The ballet flats I got for $12 and they are a metallic purple, but not an overbearing metallic like some of the other flats they were selling. The blue platform sandals were $37.99 and they are actually quite comfortable although they don’t look it…and they make me look 3 inches taller…which makes me average height…great…

~With love on my right heel and hope on my left~

Friday, January 16, 2009

A new year...a fixed computer...and some bad news ( Muted related and non Muted related)

I'M SORRY!!! My laptop crashed after I managed to spill orange spritzer all over it…leaving me without a computer for a LONG time. But here we are… the January issue and I’m close to curling up in the fetal position and sobbing profoundly.

Bad news first:

First off, I’d like to say thank you and good bye to Liem Vu our Features Editor. We will miss him more than we miss Blink-182. That does mean, however, that I’m looking for a new Features Editor to fill the position! Interested? Email me at fwahking@mutedmag.com.

Secondly, I’ve been going through a hell of a time. About two years ago my family found out my mom had uterine cancer. We thought everything would be O.K; she was going to go for radiation and get a hysterectomy. We even planned out a trip to Europe in the summer of 2008. We didn’t end up boarding a plane. Instead, my mom found out her cancer came back and was causing fluid to build up in her stomach. She had to go for chemo treatments until Christmas time. Well Christmas time came around and the doctors told her the chemo wasn’t working and was sent home where we are supposed to keep her rested and happy until her death. She may only live for 6 months- 2 years. It’s hard to stay happy through all of this…and those who know me well know that I probably force myself to be happy most of the time. Please keep her in your prayers.

OK! So now that I have the bad news covered it’s time to look forward to a new year of music and movies…and pretty much anything pop culture I can get my hands on to:

1) Fall Out Boy…can I call this the year of the FOB? With an upcoming tour and their new CD already out in store and not to mention Bronx Mowgli Wentz (why mess with tradition Pete? Your baby should be called Peter Lewis Kensington Wentz the 4th, just saying). The world is abuzz with all things Fall Out Boy and I couldn’t be more happier.

2) The Diverse Attraction- Besides the bassist being one of Mutedmag.com’s top photographer? Their new CD drops soon I hope. *Sniff* *Sniff* do I smell another Silverstein on our hands? I hope so…their sound has a definite lasting affect on the brain.

3) He’s Just Not That into You- Guess how I’m spending Valentine’s day? With my two besties, Cosmos (yum), and this MOVIE. Besides having a stellar cast, I can probably relate to all these characters one way or another. Who doesn’t love a good chick flick.

4) The Feel-Good Dance Music Sisters (FGDMS)- This is pretty much covers a lot of the artists blasting on my Ipod right now. The FGDMS are Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Estelle. These feisty females are climbing the charts with hit after hit and I’m LOVING it. Cause sure 2008 didn’t consist of kissing girls, breakin’ dishes, love stories, poker, or American Boys but who knows what will happen in 2009.

~Love on my right heel, Hope on my left~


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hey chicas and...chicos??

Hey Muted readers,
Just to let you know Mutedmag.com's is becoming a bimonthly updated webzine! Don't fret though. I'll try to make as many updates as I can to my blog and gallery updates as much as I can.
On a sad note, my mom’s friend, Remi, died this week. I believe she died of aneurism but I’m not sure. She was such a strong lady and her family has always been so helpful to us. My prayers go out to her and her family.
Anyways the Canadian elections are coming up very soon. So take your eyes off the American debates for 5 minutes and try to figure out who you’re supporting in this year’s election!
I think that there’s too much focus on the American elections right now and not enough on our own elections. Maybe Prime Minister Steven Harper should make some sly remark about Stephane Dion being a pig with lipstick (that’ll get the media’s attention for sure).
Or maybe there’s just a lot of hype and scandal involved with the American election and Canada is taking the cleaner route (although the puffin “defecating” on Stephane Dion’s head sure gave me some chuckles http://www.cbc.ca/news/canadavotes/story/2008/09/09/leaders-preview.html). Or is it that Canada is really just “America’s hat” as I saw on a piece of flair for the Facebook application.
Whatever the reason is we need to get more people out there to vote. I don’t care who you vote for but we all need to get out there and vote because we really don’t need another minority government!



Friday, July 11, 2008

Thanks for lighting a fire under my...well you know...

Dear Mutedmag readers,

I hope you enjoy this issue. If you notice there is a new gallery under the fashion/life section. I'm thinking of having the gallery this way from now on until we can find a better solution to the flash gallery.

So I recently got into a fight with someone who shouldn’t have been involved in the war to begin with. She decided to tell me about how she and an ex-friend will be starting a rivalry online magazine. All I can say to this is…BRING IT ON!!!

This did not bring fear to me at all. Instead it is only making me push harder to make Mutedmag even better than ever.

Next month expect a huge coverage of Warped Tour with interviews with some of your favourite bands and as well as some promotion of some local bands.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Things are shaping up to be pretty odd!

I hope you all enjoy the May issue, it’s full of fun and awesomeness. What’s really cool about this issue is that I updated it on my own! That’s right; the HTML challenged person has finally learned how to update the website.

Now usually this is the part where I’d start listing off a bunch of bands you should be listening to, although right now it would be a list of T.V. shows since that’s what I’ve been doing since my summer vacation began. But I’ve decided to shake things up a bit.

I’ve been doing everything I possibly can to change who I am: Change my wardrobe, trying to be more positive and try to be more responsible. In the end, however, how much of these changes are truly me? I mean I can try to smile more and dress more like an adult but then there are those days where I go back to my band T-shirt, self-loathing, emo teenager days that I thought I grew out of.

Is it really possible to leave your teenage years in the past?

I still go to concerts where I’m probably the only one in the line old enough to drink. I still like music that the majority of preteens still love and enjoy. I still slam my door and yell at my parents like I’ve done years ago. I still act like a 5 year old hopped up on sugar.

So is it really possible to step away from all of that?

I think it is. Even though some people still think I haven’t changed since high school, they can’t say I haven’t grown up a little. Mutedmag forced me to learn how to deal with problems and I’ve gone through so much in the past two years that I never thought I’d ever have to deal with.

So maybe the 14 year old acting like she’s 5 and the responsible adult have joined forced and created who I am today.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Like O, Like H

Wow, so sorry we didn't update at the beginning of the month. We've all been super busy with school. This is a GIANT ISSUE though. Interviews with The Donnas, Die Mannequin, The Cliks, Automatic Dub Riot, Dancing with Paris, Hello Operator. The amazement of it all!

So I had my first alcoholic beverage in like MONTHS! I usually refuse to drink at shows, usually cause I don’t like to be under the influence during interviews. Now that I have a bit more free time till September, I was able to celebrate Adriana’s bday! Happy 20th Adriana! I’m not going to lie, it’s nice to only have one exam and be free from lengthy essays. I’m venturing into the world of broadcast, so who knows what’s in store for me.

School work aside…let’s go back to Muted…

Next month is GOING TO BE EVEN BETTER!!! Bigger interviews, bigger bands, more behind the scene photos!

We were lucky enough to check out the AP tour featuring All Time Low and the Rocket Summer. Those who know me know that I pretty much adore Bryce Avary of the Rocket Summer, so I was excited to go this concert.

So next month, look out for an interview with All Time Low and Forever the Sickest Kids as we talk wands and pink flamingos!

Also get ready for an interview with the Never Ending White Lights and CHIODOS.

That’s right you heard it hear…CHIODOS!

So a nifty email floated my way this week about an amazing band called the Artist Life. Not only are they Canadian but let’s just say I’ve been dancing around my room to their single Waiting Room. Check them out on April 26th at Sneaky Dee’s. Check them out in next month’s issue as well!

So here’s the single that I’ve been playing over and over again!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas, I could care less...

Hey dahlings,

I hope you enjoy this month’s issue. It’s a bit short but still amazing. I’d like to thank my three editors for putting so much work into this issue. They are not only acting as editors this month, but editor in chiefs as well. I’m on vacation for Christmas, working on my tan.

So as it is Christmas here is two songs to get you guys in the holiday mood!

The animated version of 12 Days of Christmas by Taking Back Sunday. This is HILARIOUS, it’s like the original song, with commentary.

This isn’t the original version of the Fall Out Boy song “Yule Shoot Your Eye Out” but it will have to do. I’d rather give you a live version, than photo slides of Fall Out Boy pictures. This song is just simply beautiful and I’d rather hear this than Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer on my radio.

So now that we’ve got Christmas covered, let’s talk about the New Year for a second. I have YET to keep a New Year’s Resolution…EVER.

This year, I intend to keep this simple resolution: Be happy with who I am and where I am in my life.

It seems strange, but I’m tired of being so negative about myself, those who are friends with me know what I am talking about.

Merry Christmas (screw being politically correct) and a Happy New Year everyone from everyone at Mutedmag.com!